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IT IS WHAT IT IS because itzallconnected.

Intension is to Spirit like marrow is to bone. The only real control is Self control. Even if you don’t know who you are, there is no escape from yourSelf; the content of your character.

Black & White are knot-races that manifest as character descriptions associated with States Of Mind. All “colored people” are knot-black. Every pale-skinned person is not “white.” The belief in, and practice of, white supremacy requires pale-skinned [white, check-white, honorary-white] people to judge melanated people of color more harshly while holding them to a higher standard.

It is not easy “being white.” Eventually, One must become "a living lie" both within, and without. Every day, in a racist, sexist, color-struck society, pale-skinned [white, check-white, honorary-white] people are expected, encouraged, supported, cyber bullied, and programmed to maintain a system of imbalance. In short, they systematically generate bad karma—daily. There seems to be no escape; no north star toward human decency, and little desire for spiritual growth and development. 

"Acting white" is much less difficult than "being white.” While diss-missing, or disparaging a person, or a culture, with color, rhythm, and rhyme, the assumption of a false superiority requires a level of segregation that goes viral while looking like bigoted diss-connect-shun

“Never trust anyone who says they do not see color. This means, to them, you are invisible.”  ― Nayyirah Waheed

It ain't over 'till it's over.

The Concept of Forgiveness is a religiously proclaimed, ask-backwards, attempt to get permission from an abused, outraged, victim also struggling to accept the reality of their reality. This religiously upheld attempt to create a false justification is mass propaganda that requires EveryBody to become blind-dead, and SuperStupid.

The Act of Asking for Forgiveness is an ask-backwards strategy that grants after-the-fact-permission or —carte blanche—to an irresponsible, cruel, and heartless person.
The very concept of forgiveness creates a mask for those not capable of real remorse to abuse Others before, during, and after, the deed is exposed. Alzheimers Disease becomes a victim's only recourse.

The Expectation of Forgiveness is the ultimate attempt to white-out a wrong. Intension is to Spirit like marrow is to bone. Not one individual, belief system [religion] or system of justice, has the power to dismiss, erase, deny, or transmute, the energy that another person seeds into Universal Consciousness. What is sown must be reaped.

REMORSE HEALS every One in the room. We have all been lied to, for, about, or in the vicinity of every thing, and EveryBody. A person can only be who (s)he is whether she tell lies, or not. There is no escape from yourSelf. Acceptance, Time, and space, is the best ingredients for healing. Say thanks to a Universal Consciousness; this is a free-will universe.

“The way to right a wrong is to shine the Light of Truth upon it.” - Ida B. Wells Barnett (1889)
consciousness is unlimited.
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